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How to Make Kids Happy and Provide Them Security

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Happiness and security are 2 of the most important things that will help the healthy development of a person from childhood to adulthood and these 2 things will greatly help to make kids happy. The things that you do and learn when you are still young are the things that will help in determining your habits and feelings as an adult and how you will live your life.

Of course, everybody wants to feel secure in all aspects of life and live the kind of life free from sadness, uneasiness, stress and depression. When it comes to parents, they are the ones who play the most important part of their children’s lives.

The parents are the ones who are fully capable of teaching and providing their children happiness and security since what the parents only want is the best for their children. Read along and understand how parents can provide these important things for their children.

About Happiness and Security

First of all, it is very important to know that it is hard to survive a lifetime without happiness and security. These 2 things in life should always exist in a person’s life because either one of them can’t exist without the other. In other words, these 2 things should go hand-in-hand. If an individual doesn’t feel any security, it is hard or can even be impossible for them to become happy since happiness is mainly developed from the security that has been given to them during their childhood.

Security will start as a state of mind and then leads to becoming an inner strength with respecting and believing oneself. Happiness will then follow after the development of security. This is because a person who feels security will also feel good about their own self and as a result, they will experience stability and happiness in their life. In short, a happy child will grow and become a happy adult.

When Will a Child Develop Happiness and Security?

Security will start to develop during the moment when the child is born and when they experience the first touch of their parents and cradling. The mom’s first encounter with their child is known to be the most genuine part of a newborn’s life. One example for this is when the baby knows whether they are being carried by their mom or by another person. They will rest comfortably when it is their mom and will cry when they are being carried by someone else. This is a sign that they feel very secure when the baby is with the mother.

When the baby grows a few weeks older, the mother can use a sling to keep the baby near to them and this simple action can increase the baby’s feeling of security. This will make the baby happy especially when they are with their mother.

Keeping the same toy through their infant months and years can help them to feel secure, no matter what else may be going on in their environment. Plush toys are often the type of toy that makes kids feel most secure, and you can help them a lot by allowing them to keep their favorite toy with them.

Developing happiness and security will most likely lead them to having bad relationships with other people. Adults who lack love, the ability to create relationships and love were probably deprived of security during their childhood years.

As the baby grows with happiness and security, he or she will be able to enjoy socialization, have higher self-confidence, develop emotional balance and form intimate relationship easier. Finally, they are also able to cope up with disappointing situations and have a positive outlook in life. Your kids should receive these 2 important things if you really want to make kids happy.


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