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Dove Cresswell Review

Dove Cresswell photoHow do you pick the best dog obedience training video? I have checked out several dog training video programs, and my favorite is Dove Cresswell’s Dog and Puppy Training Online.

Dove is well known as a dog trainer to the stars. You know that Dove is excellent at getting dogs to perform tricks, or the movies and television shows wouldn’t be asking her to train the dogs on their productions. If she can get dogs in the movies to do those incredible stunts, you know she can teach you how to obedience train your dog.

The video training in Dove’s program is broken into 7 easy to follow video modules. Dove’s training is all through down-loadable videos from your computer, and there is no book accompanying her program. I think the video training works best for those of us who learn better from watching and listening rather than just from reading.

The order of training sensibly starts with house training new puppies. After potty training, the next lesson will cover teaching your young puppy his first obedience exercises. By learning the right way to get started early with training your puppy, you will develop an important bond between the two of you – which helps your puppy grow into the great pet that you always wanted.

Dove’s video modules follow the natural sequence that puppies grow through on their way to maturity, and teach the exercises in an the appropriate order when your dog becomes ready for them. Dove’s technique uses only positive training techniques – no need for yelling at or hitting your dog. You will see that by using the cheerful and upbeat style that Dove teaches, the training becomes a lot of fun for you and your dog. Making the training sessions fun for you and your dog will produce the fastest and easiest results training your dog. When you reach the end of Dove’s program, your dog will already know how to do even advanced tricks.

Watching and listening to Dove teaches you the exact right vocal tones to use and the correct attitude and body language you need to have in order to best communicate with your dog on a level that he can understand. Dove teaches you enough about dog psychology to let you use this for better understanding your dog’s point of view. By picking up this information, you will be enabled to become a better trainer for your dog, and eliminate dog training mistakes that only delay getting the results you want.

Just like people, some dogs will learn to do something differently than others. Therefore, Dove teaches you a few different techniques for various training exercise steps – just in case your dog is not responsive to one particular style.

Dove also offers some cool bonus material in addition to the main 7 video modules of her program. Just in case you have any questions about training your dog, Dove also offers free email consultations so she can give you expert advice on solving your pet’s particular issues.

Dove also offers several bonus eBooks that you will love to use for training even more tricks to your dog. The bonus eBooks include:

1. The first of the bonuses is an eBook teaching you the best way to get your dog to fetch.

2. The second bonus is an eBook on playing soccer with your dog. My Lab has become a champion goalie.

3. Bonus #3 is an eBook about play “Hide’N’Seek” with your doggy.

4. Bonus #4 is another eBook, this one about Dog Sports, increasingly popular with dog owners everywhere.

5. The 5th bonus is a valuable eBook about earning your dog’s respect (becoming the Alpha dog) – which is necessary in order to get better training results.

6. This bonus features a report about what dog food is good for your pet. You will learn that most commercial dog foods are not very nutritious or healthy for our pets.

7. This last bonus is a fun report on the best types of toys to provide for your doggy’s enjoyment.

Dove offers you a complete 60 day guarantee in case you don’t really love her program.

I highly recommend Dove’s video training program to you – especially if you learn best by listening and watching, rather than through reading a manual. Check out Dove’s videos so you can follow her easy video training steps, and soon get your dog to be the best behaved pet he or she can be.

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Choosing the Best Toys For Newborns

Newborn toysWhether you are shopping for someone who has just had a baby or you are expecting one yourself, this is certainly an exciting and special time in your life, as well as that of the baby.  However, it is not always easy to know what you should purchase for a newborn.  Of course, diapers, wipes, and other necessities are obvious, but what about toys for the baby?  Which toys are best for the baby and which are simply a waste of money?  In order to choose the most appropriate toys for the newborn in your life, you have to have an understanding of the development process.

From one to three months, a baby is simply learning to live in his surroundings.  During these three months, he will raise his head, track objects with his eyes, smile, and begin gripping things put in his hand.  Toward the end of the first three months, he may start to raise his hand to his mouth and try to grab objects dangling from above.  For these reasons, a baby gym is a great idea.  Just make certain it has plenty of bright colors because newborns are not able to see low contrast objects that are more than a foot away.

You may also want to purchase a set of plastic links.  They can be used alone to encourage fine motor skill development or added to the baby gym.  When choosing a toy for a newborn, you cannot go wrong with plastic links and a baby gym.  Best of all, he will be able to continue playing with them well past his first birthday.

From four to six months, babies attempt to manipulate the things they see.  They are starting to realize they have their own voice and are learning to use their hands.  While awake, they are constantly babbling and rolling over from front to back.  They can also reach out to grab things (watch what jewelry you wear when holding a baby of this age), laugh out loud, and sit up with support.

This is a good time to purchase plush animal toys because they will encourage and improve these behaviors.  These are inexpensive toys that can be easily found at several internet retail outlets.   You may also want to purchase a set of squeeze toys for bath time.  They encourage hand movements and the development of other fine motor skills.  Newborns, as well as older children, will enjoy these toys and they encourage grasping, oral exploration, and visual tracking.

When choosing sets of blocks for a newborn, opt for soft, cloth blocks instead of plastic or wooden ones because they are considerably safer – or make them yourself!  Babies love to play with blocks well after their first birthday, so you definitely get your money’s worth out of them.  For even more fun, choose cloth blocks that have attached bells or other sound making objects.  It’s a good idea to purchase sets that feature numbers and letters so that as the baby grows he can use them for learning.

Small rattle balls are also ideal for newborns and older children.  There are plenty of great sets available which have balls to produce various sounds.  This will make kids happy and help the baby learn to discriminate between them, as well as promote fine motor skill development, sound localization, and visual tracking.

Training Your Dog To Come When Called

Girl with dogTraining your dog to come when called is a crucial, and possibly even life-saving, part of successful pet training. You’ll need to keep your dog under control in public places and that means the dog must learn to respond immediately to your words.

The quicker you can train dog to come when called the better. For starters, having the dog come to you when you call will help you regain control of the pet in case of collar break, snapped leash or other related equipment failure. That is particularly important as soon as you are out with your pet, especially in an area with lots of traffic. It can be vital that he will respond to your voice and return to your side, even in the absence of collar and leash, and even if there are lots of other things competing for his attention.

One note about dog training generally – it’s all too easy for training sessions to become dull and routine for both human and dog. A bored dog will not be receptive to learning, just as a bored handler will not be a good teacher.

It’s important, therefore, to always incorporate fun things and play into each and every training session. Incorporating a few minutes of play time before your lesson begins can do wonders for the attitude of pet and human alike. Likewise, ending each training session with a few minutes of free play time is a great way to end on a positive note and to help the puppy associate obedience training with fun and not drudgery.

The command to stay and your command to come are often combined in obedience training lessons, and they do go naturally together. Start with the dog on a loose leash, ask him to sit and then slowly back away. If the puppy begins to get up and follow you, return to him and ask him to sit again. Continue this process until you can reach your end of your leash without the pet getting up.

After you can successfully reach the end of your leash on a consistent basis, try dropping your leash altogether. Of course you will want to do this in a controlled environment like a fenced-in yard. After your puppy has mastered your stay command, it will be time to add your come anytime called command.

Take up your leash again, and with your pet on the end of your leash, say “come” or “come here”.

Its often helpful to use a lure like a toy or a treat while teaching this behavior. The lure provides a visible item for your dog to focus on and he will be tempted by it. Teaching your four-legged friend to come to the lure is a good first step in training the dog to come anytime called.

Repeat this procedure many times until the puppy will consistently stay and then come anytime called. After the dog has mastered coming as soon as called while attached to the leash, slowly start introducing your concept when your leash is removed.

As we said before, these early training sessions should only take place in a controlled, safe environment, such as a fenced in front or back yard. Later, a well taught, obedient dog should respond to your call to return to its owner no matter where it is and no matter what distractions may occur. It will be therefore necessary to train dog to come by setting up some distractions of your own.

If you’ve got a neighbor who has a dog of their own, try having her come over with the dog. Have her, and her dog, stand just outside your fenced-in area, then you repeat the come as soon as called exercise with your pet off leash. If he becomes distracted by the other dog, put the leash back on and repeat the process. The goal is to have your pet consistently pay particular attention to your commands, regardless of the disruptions that may present themselves.

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The Benefits of Plush Animal Toys for Kids

Plush Toys

Your kid’s very first toy may be plush animal toys. Most kids do love to play with this kind of toy because of several reasons. The body and the soft texture of plush animal toys make it cuddly and cute especially for kids. Aside from that, kids can also imagine it as a companion or a close friend that they can always be with whether they are happy, sad or scared.

Soft toys are among the most popular top toys for Christmas and birthdays. Buying one in just the right size for your kids can give them an immediate feeling of comfort. These are just some of the benefits that kids can get and if you want to know more, just read along because here are other essential benefits of playing with this kind of toy.

Its Benefits for Toddlers

That soft feeling of holding a plush animal can help develop the personality of toddlers between the ages of 2 and 3. This is when the child starts to learn kindness and empathy through giving these characteristics to their toy. Aside from that, they can also become empathic and kind to real animals since their toy looks like one.

When toddlers start to name their toy animal, their language may start to develop in relation to what they are seeing and feeling. Their parenting skills can also be developed such as pretending to feed, doing nap times and letting your child nurture their toy. Finally, your child may learn about some challenges of life, expectations and expressing what they have observed by telling it to their toy animal.

Its Benefits for Preschoolers

Whatever your child’s favorite animal toy is, he or she will be able to develop their essential skills and characteristics through doing role-plays with their toy. They can become whatever they want such as cartoon characters, superheroes, princess, prince, teacher, doctor or even a parent.

This is very important for them to improve their imagination. By doing role-plays with their toy, they can also release or express their feelings whether it is positive or negative and believe it or not, they will feel like the toy is giving them comfort. Doing role-plays with their toy can also help develop their language or vocabulary skills.

Its Benefits for School Age Kids

When your child reaches the age of 5, they will now start enjoying games such as reenacting situations which that resembles what they are experiencing and the usual environment that they live in. Children who engage in this kind of game will be able to understand and handle various situations in life. The child may use their toy animal in various roles such as being a student while the child plays the role of a teacher.


How to Make Kids Happy and Provide Them Security

Cute Child

Happiness and security are 2 of the most important things that will help the healthy development of a person from childhood to adulthood and these 2 things will greatly help to make kids happy. The things that you do and learn when you are still young are the things that will help in determining your habits and feelings as an adult and how you will live your life.

Of course, everybody wants to feel secure in all aspects of life and live the kind of life free from sadness, uneasiness, stress and depression. When it comes to parents, they are the ones who play the most important part of their children’s lives.

The parents are the ones who are fully capable of teaching and providing their children happiness and security since what the parents only want is the best for their children. Read along and understand how parents can provide these important things for their children.

About Happiness and Security

First of all, it is very important to know that it is hard to survive a lifetime without happiness and security. These 2 things in life should always exist in a person’s life because either one of them can’t exist without the other. In other words, these 2 things should go hand-in-hand. If an individual doesn’t feel any security, it is hard or can even be impossible for them to become happy since happiness is mainly developed from the security that has been given to them during their childhood.

Security will start as a state of mind and then leads to becoming an inner strength with respecting and believing oneself. Happiness will then follow after the development of security. This is because a person who feels security will also feel good about their own self and as a result, they will experience stability and happiness in their life. In short, a happy child will grow and become a happy adult.

When Will a Child Develop Happiness and Security?

Security will start to develop during the moment when the child is born and when they experience the first touch of their parents and cradling. The mom’s first encounter with their child is known to be the most genuine part of a newborn’s life. One example for this is when the baby knows whether they are being carried by their mom or by another person. They will rest comfortably when it is their mom and will cry when they are being carried by someone else. This is a sign that they feel very secure when the baby is with the mother.

When the baby grows a few weeks older, the mother can use a sling to keep the baby near to them and this simple action can increase the baby’s feeling of security. This will make the baby happy especially when they are with their mother.

Keeping the same toy through their infant months and years can help them to feel secure, no matter what else may be going on in their environment. Plush toys are often the type of toy that makes kids feel most secure, and you can help them a lot by allowing them to keep their favorite toy with them.

Developing happiness and security will most likely lead them to having bad relationships with other people. Adults who lack love, the ability to create relationships and love were probably deprived of security during their childhood years.

As the baby grows with happiness and security, he or she will be able to enjoy socialization, have higher self-confidence, develop emotional balance and form intimate relationship easier. Finally, they are also able to cope up with disappointing situations and have a positive outlook in life. Your kids should receive these 2 important things if you really want to make kids happy.